Pembrey Track Days 2015

Available for booking on

  • Saturday 21st March
  • Saturday 18th / Sunday 19th April
  • Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th June
  • Saturday 1st / Sunday 2nd August
  • Saturday 12th / Sunday 13th September
  • Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th October
  • Saturday 31st October
  • Saturday 1st November

Please remember there is a strict 102db Noise limit and don't forget to bring your DVLA Driving Licences or your 2015 ACU Road Racing Licence

Pembrey Circuit

Located near swansea Pembrey is a Popular circuit for testing, due to its varied corners and its secluded location and was even used by Formula 1 teams up until 1998. Although geographically it may be a little remote for some, it is well worth a visit.

The 1.45 mile circuit is very flat, and it can be difficult to orientate yourself because of the lack of reference points. The long Park Straight has a kink, and shortly afterwards heavy braking must be applied for the extremely tight Hatchetts hairpin.

A short squirt takes you to Spitfires, a straightforward right-hander, and then to Dibeni, a faster left. It is difficult to pick up the turn-in point for Paddock because the circuit is wide and flat here, and on the exit you must get to the left hand side of the track for the equally difficult-to-spot Esses. brooklands is a slow right-hander, and it is important to carry lots of exit speed onto the Speedway straight.

Depending on the weather, the accerleration potential of your vehicle and the grip available, Woodlands may or may not be a flat-out kink, but it is important to be accurate because of the speeds involved. It is important to get through the fast Honda Curve well, in order to carry as much speed as possible onto the never-ending Park Straight.